When I got back into welding I started with the Miller 135, then I got a deal on a 175 from a friend. It work good, no complants, Then I started getting picky at what I was doing and did not like cleaning up spatter. I herd about the passport from my welding supplier, tryed it there and was blown away on the welds and the clean welds (no spater). I was sold and drooling the hole way. I brought my Miller 175 in and said to sell it and get the most you can. sold in 4 days and drove home with the passport...... Best investment I did.

My welding inprooved by 200%. No joking.

Well worth the price. Now I see the passport plus and it is the same price. It is ok, I do not do Alum. anyway at this time.

Go for the passport if you have the money.........