Hi Folks,
Just learning and I'm looking for a formula, if there is one for getting a ballpark figure of how much O2 and how much gas to bring to a jobsite for cutting.
Is there a formula that includes the following factors:
Thickness of material
Length of cut
O2 in cf
Acetylene in cf
and assuming the correct tip size (Jeffus, 6th ed. pg 159)
and median gas flow for that tip size:
for example: 1" thick material, #2 Smith or Victor tip, O2=35-40(37.5) psi and Fuel@3-5psi (4) what would be the number of inches/feet/meters that could be cut with how many cf of each gas (O2 & fuel) ?

What I'm really asking is to find a straight forward method of pricing a demo.
Gas & O2 costs are one factor but the other is knowing how much and what size bottles as well as the amount of hose to haul to the site. My time is the easy part.