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    Default Handy filler rod holder idea.

    Dont ya get sick of always having to go look for the right filler rod when your tiggin stuff up? Do you get frustrated if you happen to pick up the wrong type and you blow that really expensive one shot deal for the client who is standing just out of arc sight waiting for you to finish your process?

    Well I have the answer to your problems, its simple, portable, and always withing reach.. you can have one for every torch you own...

    If you have alook at the attached photo, you too can own one of thse really neat filler rod holders and make your life soooooo much easier............................................ .......

    patent pending.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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    Spectrum 625
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    Standard modern lathe
    Cheap Chinese mill that does the trick... sort of...
    horizontal 7x12 bandsaw
    Roland XC540 PRO III
    54" laminator
    hammer and screwdriver (most used)
    little dog
    pooper scooper (2nd most used...)

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