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    Default Tubing bender software

    What tubing bender software do you use? Free or how much did you pay?

    I have a couple tube chassis coming into the shop that I have to copy, and id like to eliminate some of the bending guesswork by plugging in raw measurements from the tape measurer.

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    I have bend tech pro, it's pretty neat but I still find myself doing it the old fashioned way(layout max width on the chassis table, and using a bent tube with bend start/stop lines as a template), once you get used to it, it's still pretty fast.
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    I gotta agree with Baldor, the Bend tech pro has got to be the best bang for the buck going. If you decide to do intake and exhaust in addition to the chassis stuff they offer a module for that which can be added on or upgraded to for the cost of the difference. But for chassis stuff the pro version has saved me more in wasted tube than the cost of the software ($200). You can get it from, or direct, the price is the same. Cris the owner of 2020 software solutions is a standup guy who still answers his own phone and will solve any issue you might ever have. Hope that helps.

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