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Thread: did you know?

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    Signwave, that peice is most certainly explosion welded. The tell tale sign is the riple effect in the transition zone. Claded peices of metal are used frequently in the ship building and pressure containment industrys. Explosion welding is generaly done using AN, although other explosive agents such as PETN (most commonly used as the filler in det-cord) or tetrytol (altough rarely, other agents are used). AN is a 90/10% mix of amonium nitrate and fuel oil. They place one peice over the other with a very precise gap and place wooden forms around the top peice. They then place a specific amount of explosive on top of the first peice.
    when they detinate the explosive it slams the 2 peices together at such a high velocity that a jet of plasma forms between the two peices. The plasms burns away any impuritys on the surface of the 2 peices as they join together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelchair View Post
    A few months ago while I was healing from surgery I watched a show about this process( Explosion ** welding on the discovery channel, you may be able to contact them and buy the episode and as I remember the process was very successful.

    Hope this helps
    Yea, that was very interesting
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