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    Default Disfigured solid brass coffee table...

    Hey guys,
    Here's a repair that came in this week. The lady was given this solid brass coffee table w/smoked glass from a friend. It got damaged in transit & her nephew thought he could fix it......duuuuhhhh. I saw this piece earlier in the summer when she took some furniture to my neighbors' furniture resto shop & asked if it could be fixed & "how much". My neighbor called me over to look at it & I gave her a rough quote......yup....the usual: "WHAT? HOW MUCH?".

    Anyway, as it seems, this lady had friends to her home & one saw it & told her it was quite valuable & a shame it was in the condition it was. The lady found out it was worth over $500 & if fixed, probably more. She brought it in to my shop & I explained what had to be done & I only would do it the proper way or nothing. She said ok....fix it.

    I had to re-melt the (2) welded joints w/O/A, looked to be stick welded, & separate. Then I straightened the entire lower assembly, prepped the joints with a small carbide grinder to have nice clean joints, & started doing each joint. I decided that silver-solder(60/40) would work well & the color would match nicely. When I finished, I carefully re-contoured all the joints to the original look & lightly sanded with 240 grit to smoothen & semi-polish. It came out quite nice & the lady was very happy. Here's some pics.

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    Great repair. Always hard to understand why the customer complains about the cost and as it is, it is usually worthless unless it is fixed. Keep up the good work

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    Very nice! Ain't everybody could do that...
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