So, I started this project a little while ago, pretty much finished it up tonight.

I thought I would share pictures of the process.

As some background, I agreed to build this guy a bumper for storing my project truck. So, he told me about what he wanted, I told him what to buy, and then had him help me a little bit...I've found he does not know how to cut a straight line with a cutoff wheel...or grind things flat...but oh well. He was there, every step of the way, and the finished product looks pretty good. This project definitely made me realize, I either need a framing saw and a metal blade...or a plasma. My poor bandsaw burned 2 blades cutting pieces for this freakin thing.

It is 1/4" HR steel plate, and 1.5" x .125 sq tube. The mounting stub is a piece of 3x3 1/4" sq, that I cut down to fit inside the frame rail. I am still going to cap the open tube with some 16ga, and do a few other small things...but he can drive around with it on there, and have full use of it now.

He drives this on the street, and also as a part time trail rig. He doesn't go too crazy with it off pavement, but he did want to avoid scraping the front bumper as we gave it about 5 inches more clearance right at the front, and 10x better approach angle on the wheels. The skid also ends up guarding the steering linkage, and the sway bar...just in case. The only thing lower in the front is the differential on the I beam.

The bull bar that we put on there is going to mount a few 5" lights for him eventually, and the holes in the front of the bumper are for some Hella Optilux lights that he picked up. That is 3" tubing, welded in place, and finished off on the face.

Anyway, comments are appreciated, hope you guys enjoy the pictures.