I have not posted on here for a while but here are a few pictures of the new front bumper that I just fabbed for my Jeep a couple months ago. I wanted to incorporate towbar attachment points for towing behind our coach which could also serve as recovery points. I also cut slits just below the towbar mounting locations to attach the safety cables as well as a female 4-pole trailer plug into the bumper so hooking/unhooking the Jeep behind our coach is a quick and simple task.

I built the bumper so it bolts to the inside of the frame horns(even though it is a unibody construction) rather than welde directly to the inner structure like many I have seen. The center section is 3/16" mild steel with the outer portions being 14 gauge mild steel. After the fabrication work was completed I had it powder coated in silver vein. It matches the side panels of the Jeep fairly well. The factory bumper is over 15" tall at the front whereas mine is only 7.5" and also dramatically improves the approach angle. Thanks for looking, Mike.

This is the starting point with the factory BS removed.

This picture is of the center section cut and tacked together.

This is with most of the rough fabrication completed and ready to remove to finish welding.