This is my first real welding project. A couple years back I purchased a MIG with the intention to take an evening course on welding. Never did take the course and taught myself. Please do not critic the welding

I hunt from September until December in a very swampy area and end the season in snow where a trailer does not cut it behind the 4wheeler. I had and old heating oil tank and with some square and round tubing and some thinking this is what it came out like!

I cut the tank in an "L"shape welded it together to form the basic form. I caped the front and back with a steel skirt I took from an old hot water tank the square tubing was used to make the side more rigid while providing height for furure load. I built the pull bar from round tubing. Inside the bar I included a spring system to take away the jerking when riding, the ball coupler also turns 360 degrees to avoid tork when the tobogan is not on the same plane as the 4wheeler.