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    not near you


    The "experts" that come into your shop are as plentiful as internet "experts"

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    Default 312

    Some good info confuse9

    IMO you will really need to address the shrinkage and distortion that you will get from using any SS filler.

    I can't see the end product being better with 312. It's the hardness of the 4130 that may be the most important issue never mind the excess distortion from using a SS filler.
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    I bought a couple of pounds of that for tacking cast iron caps to steel pipe for bollards. Recommended at the welding supply. I suspect he just had a lot of it and needed to move some out.

    For the application he recommended it for, I'd call it a complete flop. In the end I used Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive. Way stronger.

    Just .02

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    I agree, skyboltone.

    You can be here for ten more years; just now, with that one post, you paid for your bandwidth, many times over.
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    Default well as no one else could help you figure out wat it is or give you a good response,

    Quote Originally Posted by zmotorsports View Post
    I had a gentleman stop by the shop last night to look at a chassis that I had for sale. He asked about the construction material and I explained that it was 4130N using the GTAW process using ER80S-d2 rod. He asked me why I chose to use that particular rod and I explained that it was the closest match to the 4130 in strength yet still alow some elongation and not have to be heat treated.

    He informed me that ALL the high end builders are using Super Missile Rod. I have heard that term a couple of times before and just dismissed it. Does anyone know what this Super Missile Rod is that EVERYONE is using? Thanks, Mike.
    super missle weld or as our shop called it super missle rod is a filler rod tht is silver and pretty tough does not bend easy. i worked at porsche specialty shop i will not disclose the name as i no longer work there. the main fabricator was crazy for the stuff a place in phoenix az is the only welding shop i know called ramsey welding supplies that carries it. it is a mixture or mild, stainless, nickel, molly and alot of other types of metals, the rod was used as bases for building missles hints the name, from wat i remember when used correctly the weld will turn blue or purple, and can have a tensil strength near tht of 3 times stronger than a correctly done 4130 weld and up to 5 times stronger than a mild weld. i am not promising this or swearing by it but i know we did every cage out of it and if we were messing around as welders do and used it, the piece held up to outstanding amounts of abuse. i wish i could post up a picture of wat the weld looks like i will try.

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