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    Default Miller vs Hypertherm plasma cutters?

    I am new to this site and wanted to get some opinions before I bought my new plasma.
    I recently borrowed a PowerMax 30 and so I decided I need a Plasma for myself. It worked well on 1/4" steel, but I had to take my time, it would have been nice to move a little faster.

    I am comparing the:

    Powermax 30 $1489.00 and the Spectrum 375 X-treme $1249.00. Which is the way to go? I've heard several times that hypertherm makes Millers Plasma's? But, most reveiws I read seem to lean towards hypertherm. If they are both made by hypertherm how is the miller less of a machine?

    If I end up going with the PowerMax 30 I Might as well pay the extra $200 and get the PowerMax 45 for $1699.

    The Spectrum 625 X-treme is $1686 and seems comparable to the 45.

    Decisions, decisions... Anyone have any words of wisdom out of the 4 plasmas I talked about?

    P.S. Prices are CDN.

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    Don't go by list price, look at the actual retail prices. I am also looking for a small plasma. I have found the Powermax 30 for as low as $1035 delivered. Some brands have more markup than others. Not sure what the street price for the Spectrum 375 is.


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    To set the record straight....

    Miller has build plasma powersources for Hypertherm in the past. This does not happen currently.

    Hypertherm build torches for Miller.

    I like Hypertherms product just as I like Millers. I would buy which ever is cheaper. ( consider both the sale price and the consumable prices)

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    The Hypertherm has the latest torch design. I would not have any problem owning the power supply from either one of those machines. The latest torch design looks to be a nice improvement.

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    I have a larger Hypertherm a 1250, nothing but High praise for this machine. The consumable are less expensive than the millers. They look similar but are not interchangable, this was the reason I opted for the Hypertherm.

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    Also have a Hypertherm 1250. I buy the Finecut consumables for it, which are beyond compare. I use this cutter in my PlasmaCam table.

    The Powermax 30 is built around their FineCut Technology.

    The Powermax 45 is probably the best cutter ever built.

    Just my opinion.
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    Buy the largest cutter you can afford buy the next one up even if you have to save longer. I have a hyperthrem 600. Also make sure that you have the compressor that will handle the out put when slicing up a full sheet.

    Most people buy to small a unit and then complain as they push the max severance cut and then complain about consumables and cut quality.

    The other thing is find out which consumables are cheaper and which ones are all ways available locally. As it is a PIA to be waiting on a on line source to deliver some because you forgot to order them before you run out.

    Either brand machine you will be happy with.
    glen, If your not on the edge, your wasting space

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    I have a PM 1000 G3 with machine torch on a plasma table and in my humble opinion the hyperterm is the best value in Plasma Cutter technology. I had a little Hobart Airforce 250A prior to that and it was a toy compared to the PM 1000. I understand the PM 1000 is being replaced soon, but the comparable model that will replace it will even be an improvement, not that it needed any to begin with. So if I ever need another plasma cutter it definately will be a hypertherm due to there investment in current tech and constant product improvement strategies. I looked at ESAB, Hobart, Thermal Dynamics, Miller and all the others and Amp for Amo the Hyperterm offered the least cost per cut and most readily available consumables. At 60 amps that machine is a beast for a 4x4 plasma table, and I frequently run it at reduced amperage and use fine cut consumables to stretch the life of the machine and consumables. Hope this helps.

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    jim colt from ht is on alot of sites so support is awsome

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    Most places have the Thermal one torch consumables in stock. All the consumables parts are mostly the same from machine to machine. They are the original finecut consumables.

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