I am building a trailer to haul around my two atv's and mabye some wood or just about anything that you would use a trailer for.
I am using 2x2 tube .125 wall and 2x2x1/4 angle all for the bed frame it is 7 feet wide and 12 feet long. With the torsion axle's I am using they are stubs so I had to put double frame rails down each side and the crossers are at 20 inch centers.
I will be using 1x1 x.125 for all the upper frame sides covered in 3/4 expanded metal
and the two drop gates for loading will also be 1x1 tube.
the axles are 3500# with 15 inch tires.
Question----- Do you think this will be to heavy? I wanted to make it strong and sturdy able to handle alot.
And also a plant shut down that I did work at so I got a super deal on alot of steel
tube,angle,flat bar pipe and so on and that is what i had to work with!!
I will post progression pics to see what you all think
Also I do alot of mobile repair but this is my first trailer build project