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Thread: trailer rebuild

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    Default trailer rebuild

    though as I havn't posted here in ages I would post some pics of my trailer rebuild I made this trailer in 1989 and it was due for a refub so i started by cutting the rusted floor out then fitting rust repair panels in tacking them in place then after that welding them in and before paint sealing the gaps with wurth kd bond also made new mud guards and fitted LED lights allround honda suv rims ally rope rails and ally floor then painted to my ute

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    more pics the hitech area were i painted it

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    some of the last details done testing lights new ally rope rails fitted and the floor the floor is 6mm ally sheet so hopefully i will get another 21yrs out out of it now

    finished job

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    Wow! nice job.

    I really like the four bar aluminum diamond plate fendes. It looks like the same stuff I used on my truck.

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    what the **** kind of car is that???
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    Nice ute I wish we could get those here in the states.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe from N.Y. View Post
    what the **** kind of car is that???
    its Ford falcon xr6 ute
    heres what it looks like with the canpoy and car bra on

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