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    Unhappy stick welding stainless steel up hand

    hi im em trying to weld stainless steel up hand but not having much luck , tryed to find info on web , a video would be sweet , weld testing for welding on a stainless steel tanker , passed the horizontal got up hand to do and over head , useing 308 rod on 1/4" stainless steel 3/32 rods ,

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    The only thing I can recommend is to try a different brand of stainless 308 rod.. Some rods are junk and make it difficult to know whether it is your tecnique that is causing the problems or whether it's the filler rod. I mastered vertical stainless many years ago and didn't do it for some time, I went back to it and couldn't get the bead to run worth s**t. Changed to another manufacturer of rod and got the good results I was expecting.

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    When SMAW stainless, your amperage is critical. For technique, I follow one similar to 7018 meaning fairly quick across the middle of the weave and pausing on the sides for about 2 seconds (for pipe in the 6G position I run stringers).

    If it looks like there are voids in the weld, turn up the heat until the voids are gone.

    If the weld metal doesn't stay put and is falling down creating lumps, you're too hot.

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    3/32 rod I like to run at 65 amps. Same weave style as 7018. SS rod dash numbers make a huge difference in weld appearance. 308-15 does not run as nice as 308-17.Avesta and Esab both make great SS rods.
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    watch your rod 3/32 will get hot and not want to run very well. You can try burning 1/2 the rod then set it aside and allow to cool. But as others said the 308L-xx makes a lot of difference. Stick stainless is a different animal. Just takes a little more practice.
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    Default SS up

    Start with your lowest Amps first. Some 3/32 SS rods are designed to burn down low as 35 Amps. You need to have your dig a little higher than with an uphand 7018. You will eventually find the right setting probably 45 to 50 Amps. With practice you can even do open root joints with decent results.

    Remember to let your SS cool as the heat will build up quick. 300 F interpass MAX.
    Patience is required.
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