Don't ya just love it when a plan falls apart. Man, crazy s&&t. Anyway, I have been asked to make a puke/oil breather tank like mine on my Nordic Jet Boat. The weird thing is this person has the same make boat.

Ok, nuff, BS. Found some nice 6061 tube and made a drawing from mine on my boat. While I was fishmouthing the breather upright tubes on my Bridgeport milling machine the hole saw adapter broke when a tooth caught. Great, now I pull out the tube notcher I never used because I just use the mill for fishmouthing. ****, the threads are different on the shaft for my cheapie hole saws. I know, I will adapt the broken part to the shaft. My lathe does not have threading capabilities otherwise I would have threaded the tube notcher shaft. Sooooo, I made the hole saw adapter fit the tubenotcher shaft. It made it a little long but some angle and good to go.