Hi- My name is Gerry, I opened my shop, Wainwright Welding Service Inc. in 1974. Then, I took what ever came my way. Now I specialize in repairing parts for heavy equipment such as booms, sticks, grapple tongs and yokes, do portable align boring and honing, installation of thumbs and other new equipment modifications. I also short run manufacture some products that I developed (electric and hydraulic forklift hitches, hydraulic tub latch attachments for larger forklifts, and a machine for gluing cardboard boxes). I'm equipped to do the whole job in house. I have an Esab burn table, a CNC plasma table, heavy bending equipment, plate roll, two lathes, two radial drills, a vertical mill, a platen table, and a lot of welding equipment (mostly Miller). The only thing I'll farm out is machining work. I found out early on not to depend on other shops when there is a deadline involved. This has been a great life, and I've made a great living. But now I'm old (57), and my knees and shoulders are wore out. My wife wants me to retire, but since I built this from nothing, I'm proud of what I accomplished and can't bring myself to walk away. My advice to anybody wanting to do this kind of work is to always focus on quality. Your customer will remember the quality long after he forgets the price. If you're wondering how I have time to play on the computer, I fell from the back of a truck I was working on, and tore up my right shoulder. I'm on the shelf for 4months.