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    Default Wire Keeps Bunching Up - Help!

    I just got a Millermatic 140 w/ Autoset and the wire keeps bunching up right before it feeds into the tube. I tried playing with the adjustments and it still does it. This is a very annoying problem, as I can only work on my Camaro on the weekends and I'd like my welder to be working and really don't want to be wasting wire because I have to pull it out and re-insert it every time it bunches up.

    Any help?

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    Sounds like your whip is kinked or blocked and not allowing the wire to feed properly. Try to keep it as straight as possible while welding, and especially when first feeding the wire through. On the same topic, check your contact tip, it may be worn or blocked and causing the wire to jam. I would also try turning down your drive roll tension as well, as the wire should slip when it gets jammed up instead of causing a big birdsnest.

    Good luck, I know how fustrating a wire feed welder can be.
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    Also, make sure the wire is clean, ie, no rust.
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    Are you welding steel? If welding aluminum with the 140 bird nests happen. If steel pull the liner out of the gun hose. It should be free of kinks ect. Check the tip by feeding a piece of wire by hand, it should be smooth. You can clean it up with a Oxy Act tip cleaner or just replace it. Sometimes drive roller tension set too high can damage the wire and cause feeding problems. Set the tension to where it slips and does not bird nest. The liner and gun tip need to be smooth. If you are still having problems consider replacing the liner. Also using a tip one size bigger than the wire can help.


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    Is the wire feeding off of the spool in the correct position?
    Aluminum wire or steel?
    Wire size?
    Tip size?
    Spatter buildup in tip/shroud?
    Feeding wire from the tip at 90 (perpendicular to work surface)?

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    I have a millermatic 135 and a solution I found that works good is to use a bigger tip than the wire I am using in the machine. Another thing to look at is if your whip is kinked, when welding with it keep it as straight as possible. You might also use some anti-spat for the nozzle. Hope that helps

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