Here are some of my latest train wrecks. The first set of pics are some headers we built on Derek Menholt's from Billings Montana Pro Mod camaro. The engine is a 818ci 5" bore Chevy on gas. The headers are 2.5" with 5.5" collectors. He spins the engine to 8000 rpm. the next pics are of Paul Snell's '63 'Vette. It lives in Salt Lake City Utah. It has a big Brad Anderson. I'm helping him off and on put the finishing touches on it. sorry the pics are not that good. T0320100935b.jpgrs 2.JPG0320100936a.jpg409 fenderwell 001.jpgrs 7.JPGhe third are some of our 409 Chevy production headers. These are 2" fenderwells 4-1