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And there folks we have the difference between a professional and a hack.
It all depends what the customer wants. If the customer doesn't have much money to spend and wants a hack job that what we'll produce and if the customer wants a job that looks like new then you have to figure out if it's no cheaper to replace with new.
We've got some 3/8" aluminium plate at the shop. I bet I can cut a fin out of it very quick, cut the left over square flat, on the existing, V-up the end of the 3/8" plate and welded on, smooth the edges for less resistance on the fin in a 2 hours max. At $ 85.00 an hour plus materials I think it's fair for a quote.
And I always say to the customer, """ give and take """

But put a replacement skeg on this leg done professionally, 1 or 1.5 hours max