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    Default Skeg repair , FusionKing where are you ?

    I've got a skeg to repair[replace] and would like a few pointers. I will attach a couple of pics to give you a idea of how much damage is involved. I plan to use a piece of 1/4" that is bigger than the skeg and cut it to shape after welding and blending is complete. Any advice or pointers are much appreciated. Btw this is a Mercruiser drive. One last thing , what would you charge for a repair like this ?
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    Looks like time for a new prop as well
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    I would quote about an hour for this fix.

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    "I would quote about an hour for this fix"

    And you would lose your a$$
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    Default skeg repair.

    That one is a beauty, I would have estimated more than one hour for that repair. I guess it depends if you would blast it with a MIG. I have done many of these type of repairs and I usually use the TIG with a copper backing plate having a double vee type of preparation. I also usually wrap the gear case with soaking wet towels to draw the heat away and stop the seals from being cooked out. The copper backing plate clamped on works well as a heat sink to draw heat out of the skeg. Most of the time these repairs require a fair amount of sacrificial build up and then blending to get the contours. It would be nice to make a cardboard template if there was a little more of the fin left. I think that repair might be 4 or 5 hours depending on exactly how pooched it is. I havent had a single person complain or whine about how long it took because i never roasted the seals or leg oil. These fixes would bankrupt a guy if just done for a set hourly rate because of the consumables used. At least that is my opinion.
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    Sheesh I hope you wasn't holding your breath!!

    OK...I probably would rather order a skeg for that if you don't have one.
    If you used 1/4'' it would work fairly well, but you will probably need to build up a fair amount thoughout the middle besides grinding a lot also.
    I have done a lot of creative methods such as that, but normally if it is too much to build up then I replace it with a replacement style skeg when available.
    Whichever way you go I would still use what is left of that one there. It will be a stronger repair and less heat will go into the "bullet". IMO, no two are ever the same
    I generally charge whatever the traffic will bear but, I wouldn't do that one like that for less than $250 if you have all the metal finished ready to paint etc.
    I have been getting around $350-375 this summer for reworking Bravos that are generally twisted and scraped up with chunks missing.
    Daniel, simply cutting off flush and welding on a skeg and then bondo over is not the kind of work my customers expect anymore. There are loads of folks that would be happy with that. I have pushed my way long enuff to get a reputation for doing work on the bigger and faster off shore boats. They break a lot more stuff and have more money.
    Make every job you do a work of art. Few pits and nearly all grind marks sanded out. No low spots. Square and shaped perfect. If if looks like all it needs is slight filler and priming/painting you will get the nod and be first call every time. Many times now I have done a cav plat repair and had the customer point out the finish was better than the original on the opposite side.
    I done a Y pipe fix on a 502, 2 Bravo 1's and a polished Sportmaster skegs last week.
    This week it is a giant cav plate job on a Bravo III plus the skeg on it, and a Cobra skeg and an Alpha Gen II skeg as well.
    They really don't pay nearly as well as the pontoon repairs we do but they come in so regular I ain't about to complain. If all I did this week was just those cast repairs it would still be better than having a boss IMO
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    Buy the replacement skeg and do it right. There is no "plate stock" that will work well from a corrosion aspect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SundownIII View Post
    "I would quote about an hour for this fix"

    And you would lose your a$$
    If the customer wants a quick fix that is functionnal and he doesn't care if it doesn't look like a show room piece. And I'm only fixing the fin. 1.5 maybe 2 hours max.
    But if he wants the fin to look factory, that's another story.

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