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Thread: Gate Post

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    Default Finished

    Thanks for the input guys.

    Gate is done.

    I think it will hold fine but wouldn't have done as much without the suggestions.

    It looks a tad bit higher on one end. It is. The column where the main post went wasn't plum so had to tilt the post back a little so things would look the same. Could probably adjust the hinges and bring it down but the owner said leave her be, he was happy with it.

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    I never like to hang a gate on a single pole. I like to install another pole 8 to 10 feet down the fence and strongly brace the gate pole to this other pole. This way for the gate to sag it has to pull the other pole straight up out of the ground. If you plan on leaving the gate open for extended amounts of time. I would brace it 90 degrees to the fence, or put in a short post for the gate to rest on when open.

    I like to fill the holes totally full of concrete, then finish the top to look pretty and be flush with ground level. This way the grass can't grow directly around the pole. You can mow over the edge of the concrete and be done without breaking out the weedeater.

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    I'm sure that it depends on the soil types, but I'm a lot like Andy. Even if you brace the post back 2 or 3 feet, it will be a lot stronger than just a single post. Granted, if you are in granite, it's not going to be necessary. I normally set a post about 6 feet from the gate post and brace to it. I go 4 feet deep and set concrete to the top of the ground with both posts. I've not had issues with the gates sagging. For barbed wire fences, I set a short 3rd post about 6 feet from the brace post and brace to it also. All are 4 feet deep filled with concrete. In my area, this works well.

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    Good reading guys

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