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Thread: "Bucket Tipper"

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    Well, I'm happy to report that the bucket tipper served it's purpose. It was actually a bigger convenience than I expected. I did not use much of the paint out of that 5 gallon bucket but thanks to the tipper (and a screw on pouring spout) I did not loose a drop due to spillage. I could have poured with it sitting on the living room carpet.....

    The mixer stand worked as well. But, as could only be expected there is a good bit of dripping from the "beater" once you raise it up out of the paint. I just put a bucket of water under it, lowered it back down and ran the mixer for a minute which cleaned the mixer like new.

    I am not a painter, and do very little painting other than with a rattle can so when I get that mixer stand back home I plan to make adapters to use it for other purposes. It needs a heavier base and since the upright is simply 2" tubing and the drill holder is bolted to a short bit of receiver tube which will slide on the upright post, it would not be hard to adapt the stand to just about any use that I can imagine. The bucket tipper will probably end up being the permanent storage location for a 5 gallon can of kerosene or diesel for the salamander when it gets home.

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    I like it! Don't often deal with 5 gallon cans, but dealing with 1 gallon cans into a mixing cup is hard enough.

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    Default 55 gal drum pour

    Quote Originally Posted by dppmfg View Post
    that would make pouring the coolant in to a five gallon bucket much easier wonder if i could make one for 55 gal. Hmmm
    this is one i made for 55 or 35 gal drum
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