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    Default A two stroke exhaust pipe

    I like designing and fabricating two stroke exhaust pipes. I think the average amount of welding in a pipe is 4-5metres. Usualy weld on 19Amps 1mm electrode.
    Before anyone says "that's fantastic":rolleyesI'm not looking for fanboi approval as there are plenty better than me at this caper.
    I wil in the future be looking to fabricate a Ti pipe and would love some input on purging these types of shapes, if anyone has experience with Ti welding

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    How do you go about figuring out the shape and size of the expansion pipe? Also, where do you source your Ti sheet?

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    Welding titanium you'll need a trailing purge and a gas lense for your tig torch with the biggest size cup you can get and the pipe internally purged as well. Weld it on as low a heat as possible to avoid an excessive HAZ. Fit up of the joint to be welded will be critical as well. If you've never done it before I would suggest you practice on some scrap first.
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    I snap any suitable scrap off evilpay, and the design is arrived at by a study of the cylinder and intended useage factors.Then you crunch numbers with a simulator.

    I have been told to run a purge line to the trailing shield also??? The internal purging gets more difficult as the pipe starts to take shape, as it's not possible to fill the voids.
    Yes practice makes perfect.
    Thanks for the assistance.

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    First, I claim no Ti welding experience...but I will parrot something I heard here from someone that I am fairly confident, knew what they were talking about.

    Use cardboard (or something else, simple and easy) as your "cap" and leave a small hole in the end without the purge tube. That would allow flow, and would not result in trapped air that could contaminate the backside of the weld.

    Good luck on your project, and post some pictures of it!
    Precision is only as important as the project...if you're building a rocket ship...1/64" would matter. If you're building a 1/8" probably wont.

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    I have never built a Ti system from scratch. I have repaired a couple of 4 stroke systems. We did some checking around and the best set up I come up with was to put it in a small sandblasting cabinet. Then purge the whole thing & have a piece of scrap inside. Then start on the scrap when everything is good move over to work piece. Good luck!

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