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    Default Repair of 12.5 Ton Log Splitter

    The slider bracket that attaches to the ram on my friend’s 12.5 ton log splitter failed.
    -Picture 1 & 2 show log splitter with the bent slider bracket with cracked welds.
    -Picture 3 show the initial weld crack which is rusty as well as the final weld crack which is clean.
    -Picture 4 shows a crack in the bend which initiated at the notch from the clamp on the brake used to bend the plate. The direction of the crack made it difficult to grind out the crack so I cut the entire corner off of the bracket and re-welded it.
    -Picture 5 shows the bracket prepared and ready for tack welding. I added a rib extension because I felt that the original rib was too short. This and the poor penetration of the welds are the root cause of the problem.
    -Picture 6 & 7 show a close ups of the welds.
    -Picture 8 shows the penetration on the back side of the outside corner weld.
    -Picture 9 shows the bracket all done.
    It will be painted and re-installed tomorrow.
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