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Thread: Ideas

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    Default Ideas

    My grandparents are getting me a new bench grinder for Christmas this year. Due to the fact that my table is to small as it is, I would like to build a stand for it. Does anyone have any ideas for a unique, yet functional bench grinder stand. I've seen a lot of them that are real simple, but I like to do things different. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I finally, after almost a year, got my old CJ7 running again and would like to build some kind of grille guard and a spare tire carrier for it. The original brackets for the tire rack are still there. Another project I would like to do before summer comes around is a storage rack for the hardtop and full doors, as I have limited space and will run without them this summer.


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    4 sq tubing or black pipe legs to suit your height with a plate on the top. Angle the legs out a few degrees to keep it steady and make a shelf/brace toward the bottom. You can get as fancy as you want...Bob
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    Default truck rim for base

    I've been thinking about making a grinder stand with a truck rim for base, 4 or 5 inch pipe for upright, with mounting plate at top. If it was a bigass grinder, the thing could be moved by tilt and "roll" rather than by picking up.

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    I'd also go for the wheel option. If it's not heavy enough, you can always add concrete.

    They're quick, easy, and very stable.
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    If you have a bench with some space under it, you could mount the grinder to a board/plate with hinges that would allow it to be 'folded' under the bench (upside-down) when not in use. Just a thought.

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    Default receiver hitch

    I saw a thread, might have been on here or hobarts. I printed it out, but it is at home.

    The guy had made a really awesome welding table and for his grinder and his cutting rack he had square tubing for a receiver and the grinder was on a plate so it was easily removable and mountable. Out of the way when it is not being used, slide it into the "hitch" for when you need it.

    Try searching under welding table ideas or something along those lines.


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    I made one out of a steel tire rim and about a 4" dia. pipe. Very sturdy and steady. Works great.

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    Sounds like you enjoy working on vehicles from your first post. As I read your post a great idea came to my mind. Find yourself a nice wheel, something a little different than normal, maybe an old chrome slotted or something, next go to a junk yard and tell them you need a scrap crank shaft, use this for your upright. Then for the grinder base, you can use like a brake drum, flywheel, pressure plate or any number of things.

    It would be different & unique

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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    i use my bench grinder for cleaning up small pieces and drill bit and tungsten sharpening.what works for me is having somewhere to lay your pieces as you prep them.this way i can stay at that work station until i am completely finished without having to run back and forth from one table to the next.a bar stool and bright lights also make for a safe and productive work station.eye protection always .......blind welders are useless.
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    I went the post and wheel way too.
    I use one of those skinny spares aired up.
    Seems to help with the vibration.

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