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Thread: swing arm

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    Default swing arm

    here's a swing arm i made to get my trailblazer in and out of my truck.
    3" sch. 40 sleeve 30" in ground
    2 1/2" sch. 40 stantion
    2X2 square tubing 1/8" 5' long
    2X 3/8 plate spines for stiffness.

    I wanted to make it light enough to lift it out when not in use. In hindsight, I should've used 3" for stantion, 1/4" 2X2 tubing for arm. Before I welded spines I had about 6" of deflection. With spines it's only 1".
    P7230097 (Small).JPG

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    Seen that acess panals removed from machine.Was this done for heat reduction while unit in use? I'm wondering if many do this and if so what would be temp difference in machine compared to not doing it.I think it would make a machine run cooler,last longer and operate more efficient.
    ''True genius,in many fields of human endeaver,is often revealed in elegant simplicity"

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    thats how i recieved it. Actually it was a gift from an old friend/boss. he closed down his shop, and didn't have any use for it. it only has 70 hours on it. with this swing arm, i can lift it into, or out of, the back of my truck in a couple of minutes by myself.

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