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    Default Oil canning - Shrinking disc, Torch orů?

    I’ve got two small spots on a quarter panel (extensive mig welding on the panel) that seem to need shrinking. I’ve been teaching myself body work (idiot for an instructor ) as I go along and I’ve read about using O/A torch or shrinking disc but I have neither.

    Does anyone know if putting a heavy mig bead/tack (say 1/8-1/4 inch) in the center of the oil-canning areas, and grinding that down would have any discernable shrinking effect on the surrounding steel? Don’t mig welds in general usually “shrink” sheet metal areas (instead of expanding)?

    Seems like the liquid weld puddle in the center might pull some of the stress out of the surrounding area. Just an off-the-wall idea – thanks for any feedback.
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