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    Default Paper Towel Dispencer

    I have started this thread to show want I made.
    This is not the only way to make one nor is it the best way.

    I work on old MX bikes. Forks, shocks and engines all pulled apart leaking oil everywhere. I don't use rags to mop up the oil as this would mean having an endless supply. Rather I perfer to use paper towel. I went looking for a dispencer a month ago but none of the machinery shops I purchase from had any for sale nor did they know where to get one.

    Today I decided to make one out of, you guessed it "Aluminium"
    The Ali I used is 3mm or 1/8" thick 6060 T5.
    I had this laying around after a job so the material this time did not cost me anything.
    I also used a length of 19mm or 3/4" diameter ali tube, also 6060 T5.

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    Grip it and Rip it

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