swyman ok i have read all the post about your idea and now i'm going to give my opinion.
I do think there needs to be some one that is qualified in this area to give the basic instruction to the weekend welders in the world that don't have all the skills or knowledge of some one that is a skilled welder, if this is the case then i'd be considered as an insrtucter ta my job because the guys i work with are not at the same skill level as i'm at with this trade, for example I have over 15-20yrs of welding and the guys in the shop only have 2-5yrs and not all of it is within all the same areas mig-steel,alum,cast, or tig-steel,alum cast do you see what i'm saying, so what i'm getting at is yes i do welding instruction at my full time job and some times i do get a little cash from the guys and sometimes not and NO I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THERE WELDS GOOD OR BAD. As for some one trying to sue me go a head and try it will take you for ever to get any money becuase i'l be the one who draggs it out for ever to the point where you will be saying just forget it this guys nuts(ha,ha,ha,) I do have a buddy from school that teaches welding a class at our local community carrer school and he do's charge between $90-120 for an (A & B class) and the classes are always full, so if any of you are in th coldwater,mi are and want some welding insturction shoot me a line and i'll get info for you.