Well I bough it, about a year later, brought it home, washed it and put it in the barn.
In fact I bought 2 more. '62 real rough and a '59 not quite as good as the '68.
I got the '59 at a yard sale. Brought it home cleaned the gas tank added a new petcock, and fired it up. Loaded it to 350 amps and purrs like a kitten.

I got the"68 out of the barn oiled the cylinders and fired it up and loaded it to 350 amps. This one had a hard time pulling 350 amps. I'm going to clean the gas tank and kit the carb. The R-57 was out of adjustment (nut came loose) so it was locked at high idle when I loaded it. I cleaned it up and put it back together and tried it. Now
no arc. Before I had a chance to work on it more, the painter got it and striped off the carb and manifold and started sanding the engine. It will be painted next week. I got the paint code from one of Kaye Sellon posts on another forum.
That paint color comes in industrial and automotive finish. I choose the auto finish as it is shinier than the industrial.

So I have two SA-200 being restored at the same time.

The 3rd SA-200 Blue tint red face '62, I got cheap and it will take lots of time and $$$.

To be continued.

Good Luck,