I never cared about anything that had Lincoln on the side until after reading this forum.
Then after reading about SA-200 I became interested in them.
My friend has one in the barn, I asked if he wanted to sell it. That's as far as we are so far.
I did stop and look at it close just now, the first time I've seen it in 20 years.
I will try to describe so that this forum can help me put a fair price on it.
It's Sheild Arc SA-200 F163 Model # 6340.
The serial # puts it mid Jan. 1968 A-590xxx
It's on an axle bolted to the frame. The tongue is also bolted to the frame, with a clamping arrangement(Its way neater than I can describe).
The tires and wheels are the same on both sides, with Lincoln hub caps.
The tin work is straight.
The grill looks to be aluminum and is smashed in one corner. The radiator is fine.
The barrel is round. I could not see if the wiring was Al or Cu.
The leads are rotten and are about 25-30 ft at the most.
Someone put home made fenders on it that interfere with the opening of the side doors. You have push the fender down to open the doors.
My take on this welder is that my friend bought this welder new and used it very little. It seems to be all original and dare I say cherry.
The battery 12V is dead, but he says it runs. Looks like the water pump was replaced.
The dust on it is 1/4" deep. Can I pressure wash it all over or should I rinse the tin with a hose and leave under the hood dry?

So what do you guys think, any and all help will be much appreciated.
Thank you for your help,
Bob Miller

PS. If you have any questions please ask. Its down the street from me.