Decided to build myself a patio table. the top is from 2inch angle, the legs are 1 1/2 square, and the cros braces are from a old set of bunkbeds, because i did not want to stop and go get steel. same goes for the little piece of 2 inch pipe i used going through the leg braces, its a old piece of car exhaust. the shape is a decagon (10 sides). figured a square was too easy. With the frame done i went on to do the top, to help me fill the 2 inch angle, i used 1/2 inch plywood, 1/2 inch cement board (about 2 days after i cut i found out they make a lighter product, hardy wonderboard backerboard, would have saved me about 30lbs). then finally the terra cotta tile which is around 1/2. of course there is mortor in there. used a dark brown grout, and a leather brown paint for the frame. the finished peoduct weighs around 200 lbs :eek:. i figured if it gets stolen weighing that much, they had to work hard for it, so they can have it. overall it was a fun project. i got to learn alot with it.
1. im not too good at math, but thats ok, my father in law is.
2. just because im a fire fighter does NOT mean im fire proof. was wearing my "lucky" jeans, with holes in the knees and they flamed for a minute.
3. wearing ear plugs while welding is a good idea, welding off angle, got a spark in my ear.
4. No plan survives first spark.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, sorry they are out of order. :)