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Thread: Tomato cages.

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    I estimated 75 but it was 65, I forgot about using one square section to bend the hooks in. 9 squares long, if one used hog rings to connect them it would only take 8 squares to make 16 inch diam cage and the 75 would have been accurate. I cut the roll in half.

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    Default thanks

    OK, I appreciate it. I didn't realize the rolls of concrete wire were that long. One roll sure will make a lot. Here in Arkansas we like the better boy tomatoes, what do you guys grow?

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    A few years ago I made some cages for fun as an experiment.

    After the local primary elections were over, I noticed dozens of the candidate's signs still littering the landscape.

    These were the wire U shaped ones holding a plastic "bag" with the candidate's name printed on both sides.

    I picked up about 100 of them and used my cheapo Harbor freight ring roller to make rings. I kept some straight sections for legs and used my Miller spot welder to zap them together.

    Not as strong as yours but I have too much time on my hands and the material was free.

    Gave them to friends and got lots of tomatoes back as thanks.

    I also used the plastic bag part to line my recycling bin.

    Win - win situation
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    Yes I make my cages out of 5 feet tall concrete reinforcing wire and it comes with rust from the start. Been using the same cages for 20 years, and raise 300 to 600 tomato plants a year. Probably the plants get free iron from the cages, just put this in for humor. The cages in the store are too small for my indeterminates as they grow over 12' feet tall. I put them 2 feet apart, back to back in 110' rows, I tie the cages at the top to each other to keep them from blowing over. I space these rows 5 feet apart for ventilation, the back to back cage concept allows me to use my organic spray better and faster.
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