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    Default Any ideas for a security "cage" (i.e "thief proof") for little Honda generators?

    I'd like to make some type of secuity "shark cage" to keep the theives (sharks) from stealing my twin Honda EU2000 generators while at campgrounds. Simply running a cable or chain through the handle of the generators won't cut it. The handles are made of plastic and can simply be cut away with ease as well as total silence in the middle of the night. I'm thinking that a metal "cage" would allow easy access to the generator controls and allow cables/cords to run through without a problem. More importantly, it allows the generator to cool and "breath", unlike a steel box with just a few holes in it.

    If anyone knows of any ideas with pictures, I would be greatly appreciative if you could post 'em.


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    You could check out a Material Handling surplus that buys and sells used pallet racking materials.
    You could find some odd sizes of the wire rack decking that is welded together like a grate and cut them to size and then weld them together to form a box.
    You could make a base frame and maybe add some off road casters to make it more portable and then you could chain it to a post, tree, camper whatever.

    Another option may be to get one of those garden style carts at the home centers that are constructed with a mesh base and sides and enclose it in to do something similar to above...

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    Default Cage?

    I say just let them sit out there with no "security" other than you and your buddies with their .357 Magnums. If someone shows up to steal YOUR STUFF, just point the guns at them and ask them to lie on the ground and pee in their pants like real "sharks". Once they have done that, take their wallets, cell phones and anything else they might ahve and then just offer them the choice...leave and DO NOT come back or DIE!
    Don J
    Reno, NV

    Never pick a fight with an old guy. Old guys are too smart to fight and get hurt. They'll just kill you and get it over with.

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    The down side of what you've suggested is two thieves could easily pick up the cage and run off with both of your generators.

    Back in the day I did contract telco work. We had men working in manholes with generators running cabled to their trucks. The thieves would cut the cables and load up the generators still running. The guys in the manholes wouldn't realize there was a problem until the extension cord came unplugged. By the time they got upstairs most of the time all they would see is their cord laid down the road.

    I have one of those generators. I've had it about four years now, love it. When I've dry camped out in the parks of Arizona I've just cabled it to the gooseneck on the toyhauler. I always figured anyone that took the time and effort to cut the handle on the generator would be taking a big risk a couple of ways. One of course would be getting caught. The other is they would be real hard to move, most of the thieves are druggies looking for a quick buck, damaged like that.

    A dealer in Flagstaff told us those generators were the hottest thing when it came to targets for thieves.

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    I built a cage for a honda 5 hp motor on a mixer box. It was bolted to a plate so it was easier than what you have to work with.
    I welded SS angle iron over the motor so tight you can not remove the motor with out a plasma.
    I use SS incase they came back with a torch. I heated the SS before welding it on, so it would to hard to saw.
    Good Luck,
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    just start stackin pieces of metal around this gen set until you feel its safe..... then start the hot glue gun and glue it all together... a honest man cage isnt a brain surgery cage...

    nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal

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    I'd make a tree to hold them and padlock the center of the tree. Couple padlocks to hold each one in. If this is not secure enough, can add a front / back circle as well.
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