the little lights at the bottom are red/ amber lights. they are red as clearance and 2 per side turn amber with the flashers. same with the main rear lights. it has led marker lights up and down the sides. the marker lights on the sides only required a 1/4 inch hole for mounting and are very small.

i did not sell him the trailer cheaper than a manufacturer... fella wanted a trailer that he could trust (you know what im talkin about) buy a trailer from lowes and then build one for yourself...... which one gonna be better???

i didnt make a killin off the trailer, however, i did make a little. (besides, he delivers my iron work across the nation for REAL CHEAP)

if the lights are a problem, then how does a truck and trailer that's running "chicken lights" all over it fair? i was told by a DOT officer that if they on there, they gotta be lit... the trailer passed insp and got tagged.... now that weight sittin on the inspecting officer *shrugs*