You have to get the heat up so you can see the puddle turn white.Rule of thumb get your puddle twice the size of your rod.Dip the wire in the puddle drag the puddle about 1/8" and dip the wire again.One thing to practice is on a long pc of wire working your fingers so the wire move outward from your hand.After you learn it mark you line with soapstone on your table.put your hand on the end of the line try to make the wire travel down the line with out the tip moving off the line.after you get the step down try welding.If your going to weld 1/4 plate Use 1/8 pure tungstein the one with the green on one end.Most people want a ball on the end.This isn't always the best practice.If you start out with sharp pc you have more control over your heat,puddle. I set my reg on around 20 if indoors.I use to teach welding a tec collage for 3 years 2 of us had 60 students.I learned my son how to weld alum in 4 nights.He picked it up really fast.Some welders on here are rude and have no respect for someone learning.Sorry if I make any welder mad .I just call it as I see it on this web page.I hope this helps you it's a good practice tool.