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Thread: Shooting Bench

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    Default Shooting Bench

    Made this shooting bench a few years ago when I was prairie dog hunting out west.

    The legs are removable and individually adjustable for uneven ground. They mount with shoulder bolts held in with wing nuts. They store inside the main tube for transport.The threaded rod on top is for height adjustment. Never did get any knobs put on the threaded rods.

    The main tube is 3" pipe with the union half welded in place. On the table top is a short piece of 3" pipe threaded for the other half of the union and welded to the table bracing. The union nut has rods welded in place to tighten and loosen the union so the top will swivel 360 degrees.

    The table top is 1/2" plywood with 3/16 stiffeners underneath. There are quite a few prairie dogs in Wyoming and North Dakota no longer with us so it has proven to be steady.

    The paint job is what I call prairie dog camouflage.

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