While conversing with another member here on the forum, I found some parts list that he had provided links for. One of the parts I am interested in is the Miller 2 Roll Drive Roll Conversion Kit #155 454. I have yet to find any on EBay or from any online Miller Dealers or Suppliers. I am wanting to upgrade a MM 200. I recently picked up a Brand New in the box, GA-20C 12ft. stinger and a full set of all nozzles ever made for it. I have also picked up drive rolls for 0.023 and the contact tube for it. I have dual rolls right now, 0.035/0.045 and 0.030/0.035, you just swap sides to match the wire. I would appreciate any help from forum members or someone from Miller in trying to find a set. Thank you.

Charlie Johnson
Plainview, TX