I use a 110V lincoln for running flux core for on site railing repair (was purchased specifically for that) but I have used it for other things as well. It is great for small stuff and short welds, but it is severely limited by it's duty cycle. I also have a Lincoln weld-pak 155 (known as the pro-mig 175 now) that is used on gas for fabbing railings, doors, gates, etc. It is excellent and will run all day long on the mid setting. I have used it on 1/4" steel with flux core with no problems. My EX300 (XMT 304 to you guys) actually weighs less than the 155 with a 10 lb spool of wire in it. I too am an artist and would really recommend the 220V machine. You will find it is worth the cost of having an outlet run. Or you could just get an extension cord for it and run it off your dryer outlet.