Invention is the Mother of Necessity, or something like that. And if you give me a picture of a tool, I might just be able to duplicate it. We needed some plate clamps for handling steel plate horizontally. Something simple and inexpensive. I've got access to the tools, can I build what I need? Can I find something that will do the job? I found some simple clamps online marketed as "Bird Clamps".

01-Bird Clamp Online.jpg

I dusted off my AutoDesk Inventor and laid out the clamp I found online

02-My Version.jpg

Using our Hypertherm Powermax 1000 and my Miller Circle Cutter Guide and a straight edge or two, I laid out, cut, and trimed out the pieces.

03-Clamp Plate Layout.jpg
04-Initial Cuts.jpg
05-Next Cuts.jpg

Well, that's the first Five, I'll add the others in additional post.