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    Default Inverter Technology

    Hi guys.
    As you can tell, this is my first post and yes, I am new and just learning the welding field. I just received an early Xmas gift from my wife. It is a Miller Dynasty 200DX. It is a beautiful piece! Almost nicer than my wife.
    I am also in the process of putting together a presentation for a course in welding that I am taking.
    I have to put together a presentation of advancement in GMAW process and how Inverter Technology is the new way.
    Is there a link or can someone break it down for me in how inverter technology works, in simple form? I do have a little electrical back ground, from years ago!
    Thanks and I appreciate your time.

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    Default invert tech

    hope this helps. this took me quite a while to compile[simple brain]

    power goes in @ 60 Hz AC, enters machine through an input rectifier assembly [changes AC to DC].

    then passes through input capacitors [acts to store power to induce current in the IGBT]

    passing through input capacitors power enters IGBT [Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors] these are what makes the inverter different from trans technology. IGBT is responsible for changing the rectified DC current to high-frequency AC.

    then current passes through the primary transformer, stepping down current to make a useable welding current [high voltage/low amperage changes to low voltage/high amps]

    then current passes through output rectifiers changing back from AC to DC.

    and last but not least current passes through output filters to "clean" current, finally exiting @ 32K Hz DC or an AC current if your configuration allows it.

    I know it seems long winded but I also had a great need to understand these machines so when someone asks me what an inverter does I didn't feel like a moron because all I could say was " it's a welder".

    hope it helps

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    Default inverter

    wikipedia states that an inverter is a "electronic circuit that converts dc to ac"

    careful how you interpret this

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