It's been nearly a year since I last posted questions on this subject so I want to ask you folks how you started. In short, 15 year Millwright, lost job at Ford due to plant closing. Bought grandpa's farm shop, 5000sqft, 3 phase, full shop overhead crane, 400sqft office. For welding equip: 3 phase hobart mig, miller dynasty 350, hypertherm 1000 plasma. Great facility and equipment but no work. Put a nice sign out front and I thought the work would come. Did you folks hit up local businesses to try to get work?? I advertised in a local paper for 14 weeks and got 1 job. I am currently working for local 1393 millwrights and piledrivers and hate it! Driving 150 miles a day sucks when I could be pulling my own work right across the street. What's my next move???
Thanks Shane
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