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this is just silly,,, green works great, the trick to using green,,, is knowing how to weld....

and like i said a few posts up,, it still has its place in the welding world today, or at least in my world.

pure produces some of the nicest, roundest stacked dimes

not this "V" pointed inverter crap,,, LOL

like this

not this
So do you honestly believe, with everyone in the world wanting to tig weld aluminum, mainly because of the stacked dime look, that everyone would also be buying inverters that gave a "v" shape instead???
It is the prep that you do on the tungsten that gives you your shape. If you make a ball on the end of your lanthanated the same dimension as on your pure then the puddle will be the same shape. Tungsten isn't magic.
The alloys in tungsten are blended to handle the effects of electricity and it's polarity in varying amperages. The puddle is effected by the shape you grind it.
I can set both of my Dynasties on sine wave and adjust the frequency and balance to make a wetter puddle than your "old school" (not!!) Syncrowave EVER could. (Give 40hz a try sometime)
If you want to be defiant that is fine...I can even admire that at times. But don't let it pull the wool over your eyes to the point that you are uninformed about what you believe. It makes you sound like you are less expirienced than you are.