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WTF am I talking about? WTF are you talking about? I never even mentioned steel. Read it again before trying to jump on someone for what they wrote without even knowing the facts. The pure tung is not ideal for aluminum on an advanced square wave machine, ceriated or lanthiated is a much better choice of tungsten if you have an advanced square wave machine welding aluminum because they carry more heat without balling on the end, and it's recommended to grind it to a modified point because it will provide better arc stability and arc starting. It is written in the "Tig Handbook" downloadable on this site under the tungstens section.
Nope.... YOU are the one that's wrong on this one.
you would be correct IF he was using an inverter machine, he's got a sync. 200.
I DID go to the resources tab, pulled up the owners manual for the Sync 200, & it CLEARLY states not to use pure tungsten for steel or stainless, but green is the recommended tungsten for aluminum.
those my friend are the facts.
I really don't give a **** any more, & I won't be pulled into a pissing match.

Threads like this are why I quit visiting this forum for several months. Looks like I need to leave again.
The original poster took the time to post one of his projects, gave us pictures, & all anybody did was tell him how wrong he was.
I'm outta here again.
I may check back this fall, then again I may not. You'all have fun now, ya hear.....