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I like the lattice - but... how did you get all the edges smoothed out - just a whole lot of filing and emery cloth?
I used an abrasive disc on my grinder to get the mill scale off the stainless and rough up the copper. It cleaned off the burrs from the edges as well. The clear spray paint also takes a little bit of the edge off. I didn't need a high polish; plus, you would scratch the polish badly trying to weave the strips and getting those cleaned up after weaving is really difficult. I ground down the tack welds so the inserts would fit in the rabbits of the wood.

Also, I found that the 4 1/2" abrasive discs from Harbor Freight for about $5 last a good bit longer and don't heat up and leave residue quite as bad as the 4 1/2" Gator Grip discs from Lowe's that cost about $11.