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    I have been welding on Oklahoma for about the last 12 years without insurance, please keep in mind I have been paying for insurance just not the right kind. My insurance company I have been with over 30 years has been writing my policy as a “metal artisan” because I specialize in ornamental iron work. I take full responsibility for not reading the fine print and closely checking the coverage. I have been extremely lucky that I haven’t had a claim during this time period. My policy was so very restrictive that I am not sure it actually covered anything.
    So here I am trying to find an insurance company to write a general welding policy in Oklahoma. I have contacted the major national companies only to hear over and over “we don’t write welding policies in Oklahoma”. What gives? I know there is a ton of welding going on in this state. Anyone have input on this issue? Any contact info for companies that write a general welding policy would be greatly appreciated.
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    First thing, stop calling "major national companies". What you need, is an agent that specializes in commercial lines. You should be asking around, any friends or customers you have, that are also in "high-risk" businesses, who are they buying insurance through, not what company, but what agent. This would include roofers or excavation companies. First decent agent I got, was referred to me by a milk hauler (yes, that is a high risk business, if the driver doesn't properly read the temperature graphs, 8000 gallons of milk gets dumped into a cornfield).

    I had to go through an off shore company for two years, before I could buy from a major domestic company, they almost all require two years insurance history and loss runs before even considering taking you on. This may not apply to you, since you have been buying insurance for years, and I assume no losses.

    Just as a side note, my wife works for a major international insurance company, when we first started going out years ago, her boss heard about it, and what I do for a living. He specifically told her, "There's two things we don't like, one is roofers, the other is welders." Long story short, she married me anyway, I'm still not sure why,,,, and believe me, there is zero connection between my marriage and my insurance coverage. Although she has given me very good advice and directions over the years since.
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    Years ago I used to get letters from insurance agents wanting to quote a price on the business insurance. When premiums started going thru the roof I started shopping around for insurance only to find out nobody wants me, period.

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