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    Default Shopping cart welding cart

    I just saw this thread on another forum, and wanted to share it here. It is a great idea...

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    before I had my own shop, I used a shopping cart to keep my stuff on and move it easily out of the way. very impressed with how much it could hold.
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    I see 3 problems:

    1. How do you go about acquiring a cart legally?
    2. How do you convince others that it was acquired legally?
    3. Where do you mount the cylinder?

    I'd rather build my own from scratch than to deal with the above issues.
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    Thatís too funny. I just got done cutting on one. It's hard to convince the wife that I didnít nab it for a bum. She says she wouldnít put it past me.
    De - germmed and repacked wheel bearings, Iím thinking of making it into an extension cord rack some how.
    I got these in the garage, and there are 2- 100í in horse trailer and a 100í in my truck box.
    My ext. cords collection got outa control.
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    I made a quickie from one and it worked well enough I didn't get around to anything else for quite some time, it finally did go though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by STRENGTH AND POWER View Post
    before I had my own shop, I used a shopping cart to keep my stuff on and move it easily out of the way. very impressed with how much it could hold.
    You were a bum?

    Finding a discarded cart with functional wheels sounds like a challenge in it's self, let alone one you'd want to re-purpose.

    One of the college kids I know put a fork tube on the back of a shopping cart and mated it to a bike frame. He said it's hard to control, but it's funny and gets him attention around campus.
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    Scrap yards get them all the time.

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