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    Default Painting finished product

    What sprayer do most of you use when spraying your finished product?
    I have a Husky standard bottom spray gun, and two cheep CP harbor freight gravity fed spray guns, one 20 oz and one 4 oz detail.
    Also what tip number do you use in your guns? My 20 oz has a 1.3 tip and I am planing on using it praying thinned rust-olium paint on my projects and clear coat on my horseshoe projects with the 4 oz gun.

    I am converting both gravity fed guns to 3M PPS liner systems.

    Thanks for any input.
    Don D.
    Don D.

    Miller Passport
    Miller spectum 375 X-Treme Plasma
    Victor torches
    to many 4 1/2 grinders (not)
    25 x 40 shop (dog house)

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    Dec 2009
    Williams Lake, British Columbia


    At the shop I use the conventionnal pot for big job and rattle cans for small jobs. The rattle cans companies makes some good products these days.
    A good primer is yellow oxide, I have that primer on a a 10 years old motorcycle and there is not a spect of rust on it.

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    Feb 2010
    Houston, Tx.


    I use Sata and DeVilbiss HVLP guns, but that's just my preferences. I use whatever size needle and aircap that the finish manufacterer recommends in their data sheet for the product I'm spraying.

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