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Thread: MIG Questions

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    [QUOTE=Black Wolf;21705]I agree 100% with both you guys. My biggest issue with the weekend welder is, and always will be, that the individual does not receive the proper training to do a proper job.

    I welcome anyone to pick up a welding machine & try, it is a wonderful feeling to be able to take an idea from your head, and have the skills to create it with your hands.

    Notice I said "skills".... this means time & training. For the amateur that does not wish to enter the trade, I suggest evening classes at a Vocational or Technical School. At the very least, familiarize yourself with and experienced tradesman who can "Mentor" you and guide you in the correct precedures as you learn.

    This is where the manufacturers really drop the ball. Selling welding equipment at Home Depot,Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Harbour Freight, Princess Auto, etc etc gets the welders into the hands of the end user, but not instructing how to use the machines correctly.

    I personally, would like to see the manufacturers take some responsibility for this and possibly address it in a couple of different manners:

    1) Include a comprehensive, DVD based tutorial showing correct maintenance & set up procedures, common user problems, and basic welding procedures.

    2) Sponsor basic welding courses at the LWS that carry their products. This both ensures the end user is using the equipment correctly, and also builds up a repore between the end user and the LWS for future upgrades???

    Either of the above suggestions are a Win/Win in my book.

    Everyone that wants to weld, should be able to access the equipment and be able to weld. We as an industry, have to work harder to get the end user the correct information, so that they can follow correct procedures and make SAFE welds.

    I'm sure that there will be arguements over liability on the manufacturers part, but manufacturing, marketing, and selling low end units to entry level end users WITHOUT giving them any form of instruction, is just irresponsible, not to mention Dangerous.

    My rant is now over.

    Miller, the ball is in your court.....Time to step up to the plate & take a swing.

    Hey Batter, Batter,.......



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    Quote Originally Posted by SavageSunJeep
    Just got my Hypertherm Plasma cutter yesterday and it came with a DVD showing you how to use, work with and safety measures...

    That sounds really good. I have used the Hypertherm 800,900,1000, & 1250 and really enjoy the way they work. I especially like the safety trigger. Good Luck & enjoy your new purchase.

    Diamondback, Thanks for the response.

    Weldone, Thanks for the support.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SavageSunJeep View Post
    Thanks for the response.

    I see you are a "diamondback" just wonder if you are located out here in AZ?
    I don't live in Arizona but I am from the valley of the sun. Right now we live in Wisconsin.

    My reference to the diamondback is more pointed at the Miller tig torch.

    Thanks for asking GO SUNS!

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    OK I think we should open a line of discussion here to consider what weldone and black wolf have said. I don't disagree with them that a manufacturer who would act responsibly would provide some means for the welder to educate themselves as to the proper use of the machine. I hope everyone on the forum has taken the opportunity to familiarize themselves with what is available especially on this site.

    I would also like to take a step or two forward and say that the welder whether new to welding or 30 years in has a responsibility also to be current on the process, technology and techniques that he or she uses. Not everything out there, a dynasty owner doesn't need to know how an Auto axcess works. But for what they do they are responsible for.

    I would also submit that we as welders in an industry are somewhat responsible for those around us who use welding also. We don't come out on sites like this to show off due to what we know. Rather we come out here to learn a little and help others with the similar problems we have faced, otherwise there would be a ton of questions and no answers. We also spend time working with the new guys at work to help them get better. Some even quit high paying jobs so they can teach. I hope someday to do the same when I can. So I will ask the question of how many of us spend any time at all helping the teachers? Do we go into high schools to help them learn, or to the tech schools? How many of us saw people at night school in welding that could use some help. The opportunities are everywhere for someone to make a difference.

    The shortages of welders that we hear about are real, and it's getting worse. This shortage leads to people getting into welding that probably have little to no experience. When we see them post out here we accept them and answer their questions. Are we willing to help them in the "real world". There are even companies importing welders from other countries for months at a time to do welding work.

    Waiting for AWS or the welder manufacturers to solve the problems isn't going to get it done. It takes more than that, it is going to take us all. Welding still has an image of being hard, hot and dirty and so it is with some places still and there will always be those cases but as you know just as well, welding is changing but it will still take skilled professionals to carry it into the future, and I think the manufacturers are leading the way.

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