I have not posted here for a while, but I had a new sizable project I've been working on and I figured I'd post it up here since it was welded exclusively with my Miller 350P and Passport welders. My welding these days is terrible, not enough projects to keep my skills up. However that's not the point, you always work towards improving.

I've built a table that has a work envelope of roughly 48x50". I figured some may be interested in seeing another build in progress. I'm documenting the process on cnczone.com (HERE) but I'll post a few pics here. I'll also be building a plate marker for engraving as an offset tool and I think I'll add a add a few slide rails under the table to hold some sheet material. This table is way over built, but my thoughts are if I upgrade to a larger table in the future I can easily convert this to a welding table with a 5/8" top with a bit of cutting and rewelding of the support tubes. I think the most difficult part will be building the 14ga water tray which is removable. That's going to be a lot of stitching.


  • Precision Plasma 4x4 Gantry Kit with 2:1 Belt Drives
  • CandCNC BladeRunner AIO Dragon-Cut Controller with 620oz.in steppers and DHTC
  • Hypertherm Powermax 45 with Machine Torch
  • 2x2 and 2x3 .120 wall square tubing
  • 14GA Water Tray
  • 2x1/8" Slats, 2" Spacing
  • Prototype Platemarker
  • Planning 5th Axis Rotary
  • Cable Track Wire Management

I'm working on the operator interface now, and still have some wire management and brackets to build that will support the PC and Plasma Cutter. The lower shelf is used for storage of sheet goods and scrap - you still have to dig through it, but it's close by. I'll summarize with some pics, but if you follow the gallery link above you can see six pages of build pictures that will continue to grow. Now that the table is up and running (still tuning), I can cut parts for additional things I'm working on. I made a VESA monitor mount today and it came out perfect.